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  1. What is a NuCard?

    The NuCard system is a secure electronic facility whereby a registered merchant can pass a credit value to you as the end consumer on an electronic card. You can then use the credit value stored on the card for card payments at any MasterCard POS pay point, or can withdraw cash from any ATM.

  2. Where can my NuCard be used?

    Your NuCard can be used to draw cash at any bank’s ATM across South Africa or it can be used to purchase goods & services on any Point of Sale terminal displaying the MasterCard logo.

  3. Lost or stolen cards

    If your card is lost or stolen, you need to stop your card immediately by calling 0861 11 51 96 or you can ask the Merchant who issued the card to stop the card on the NuCard website.

    Once the card has been stopped, the Merchant will be able to issue a replacement card and transfer the funds from the lost or stolen card to the new card.

    Transactions made before the card is reported lost will be deemed to have been made by the cardholder.

    Please note there may be a fee charged for the new card.

  4. Can I use my NuCard in other countries?

    No, your NuCard can only be used in South Africa. Any transaction attempted in another country will be declined.

  5. What do I do if my NuCard has expired and there is still money on my card?

    If your NuCard has expired within the past three years, you can go to the merchant who gave you the NuCard and request a replacement card. The funds can be transfered from the expired card to the replacement card. Please note there may be a fee charged for the new card.

  6. What do I do if I forget my PIN?

    If you forgot your pin you need to sms your ID number and last four digits of your card number to 34246. Please note there has to be available airtime on the phone and available funds on the card for the PIN change to be successful.

  7. Is my NuCard like a bank account?

    No, your NuCard is not a normal bank account. Your NuCard can only be used to withdraw cash and pay for purchases. In addition no debit orders will be allowed on your NuCard and you can not personally deposit funds into your NuCard. Only the merchant who issued the card can transfer funds to the card.

  8. How can I do Balance Enquiries?

    There are 4 ways to obtain the balance on your card. The card balance will be shown on the ATM slip after every cash withdrawal or you can contact the merchant who gave you the card for a balance or you can send an SMS to 34543, at R2.00 per SMS or you can go to

  9. Fees

    As of the 1st of March the Monthly card holder fee will be increased by 0,57c including vat