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Read more about the PayCard product and how it works.
  1. How to sign-up as a NuCard merchant.

    Sign-up to the NuCard system is quick and easy. Go to the home page and select the “Sign-up” link. This link will take you through an easy 3 step sign-up process. Complete the sign-up screens and you will be e-mailed an activation link. You need to follow the link to activate your NuCard profile. One of our trained sales consultants will contact you to complete the NuCard Application process after you have activated the link. Once all the required documentation is vetted and approved Altech NuPay will send the User Name and Password to the nominated email address for you to formally be welcomed as a NuCard Merchant.

  2. How to use the NuCard system?

    As a registered NuCard Merchant, you can use the User Name and Password to access your profile on the Nucard web site. Full training will be provided as well as a user manual which will describe in detail how to use the NuCard system. See steps below in short:

    *You will fund your NuCard profile balance by making a deposit into the NuCard Account with your unique profile number as the reference
    *Login to the NuCard website.
    *Your profile balance will be updated with the funded amount.
    *You need to order a batch of NuCard cards
    *You will assign a card to a selected end consumer.
    *You can transfer funds from your available profile balance into the specified card.
    *The card can now be used by the end consumer to withdraw cash at an ATM, or make payment at MasterCard POS paypoints.

  3. Features of NuCard System

    The NuCard system is a secure web based system with card and fund management capabilities allowing for real time value transfers to cards. The NuCard system will also provide reports at profile- as well as transactional levels.

  4. Advantages & Benefits of the NuCard system

    *Easy online accesiblility
    *Safe and Secure
    *Offers a cashless enviroment
    *Reduces risk in your business and requires very little additional administration.

  5. Fees

    As a NuCard merchant you will be charged a standard monthly service fee to gain access to the system and a predetermined monthly fee per assigned card. Un Assigned (Zero Value) Cards will be purchased from Altech NuPay and we levy a small fee to load a value onto a card. Please contact us for more information on the pricing options.